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Junior Infants

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                                      St. Martin De Porres National School

                                       Junior Infants    September 2016

  1. The school will re-open on August 31st . The Junior Infants will attend from 10am. to 12 noon from August 31st to September 9th. From Monday 12th September to Friday 16th September the Junior Infants will attend from 9am.to 12 noon and from 19th September onward they will attend from 9am.to 1.40pm.
  2. The school uniform consists of a navy jumper or cardigan, a sky blue shirt, grey skirt or slacks and a navy tie. The school tracksuit is ordered form the school and a school jumper (not compulsory) will be available to order on Monday June 20th and Monday June 27th 1pm – 3pm. Polo shirts (not compulsory) are available to order in the school hall from Monday June 13th – Friday June 17th between 9.00 – 9.30am. Please mark all items with child’s name.
  3. We encourage healthy eating. Crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed and we encourage the children to eat lots of fruit.
  4. The school is not responsible for the supervision of children going to or coming from school. In the event of serious illness, injury or accident, parents will be contacted immediately. If it is in the opinion of the staff that the matter is serious, the child may be brought to the local doctor or Tallaght Hospital. It is important therefore that we have contact numbers for parents, minders etc. Information forms will be sent home for completion in early September.
  5. Parents are not allowed to enter or park in the school car park. In an effort to avoid congestion and to show consideration for the residents of Heatherview Lawn motorists are requested to approach the school via Heatherview Drive and to leave via Carrigmore Road.
  6. Parents are advised to insure their children under the Personal Accident Insurance Policy. Forms will be issued in September.
  7. Attendance: Please ensure your child arrives on time and is collected on time. There is a strong link between poor attendance and poor performance at school. Parents are obliged to send their child to school every day unless he/she is ill or there is some urgent family reason. An explanation of absence should be given to the class teacher on the child’s return to school.
  8. Extra Teaching Resources: Some children may be entitled to extra support in school if they have some specific learning difficulty, a behavioural problem or a certain medical condition. Please contact the Principal as soon as possible if you think your child may be entitled to such help.
  9. All details of illness affecting your child should be given to the class teacher in September.
  10. Parents are encouraged to join the Parents Association or to volunteer in any way they can.
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Book Swap Scheme

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Book Swap 16

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Book Lists 2016 /17

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Booklists 2016 – 2017 

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Tacksuit Order Form 2016/17

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Tracksuit Order Form 2016 2017

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School Jumper

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Website Jumper 2

We are offering parents the opportunity to purchase a crested jumper for 2016/2017. Please note that this is not compulsory.

‘Schoolwear Ireland’ are the suppliers and will take orders at the Junior Infant meeting on Monday June 13th (7.30) and for the rest of the school on Monday June 20th and Monday June 27th from 1pm to 3pm.

Size 24 – 32                               €21

Size 34, 36, 38                          €23

Full payment must be made to Schoolwear Ireland on ordering.

Orders can be collected on Monday August 29th between 10am and 1pm. A sample of the jumper is also on display in the school.

Website Jumper 1

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